Lost you for a sec


Since late 2017, I have had the pleasure of working with choreographers Eunji Sung (Seoul, South Korea) and Sam Pardes (New York, USA) through Skype. This has culminated in a video installation at Phoenix, Leicester. The show, Lost you for a sec, opened on Friday 14th September, and will be open each day until the 30th.

Here’s how we describe it:

Identifying as losers, doubtful as to the viability of artistic practice and feeling perpetually exhausted and depressed, the collaborators have precariously fallen in and out of shared rhythms through fortnightly Skype sessions.

This sprawling and empty time – of stupid jokes and technological stutters –  becomes a shared studio in which they experiment with the choreographies and materiality of digital communications.

Lost you for a sec is charged with the politics that underlies their friendship: their relationship as artistic peers, the border restrictions that prohibit them from living together, and the means through which they continue to engage with and support each another’s work.

Through performances of presence, attention and distraction, Lost you for a sec is a critical and self-reflective interrogation of 21st century friendship and expression, that reconsiders the capacity of digital technologies to understand ourselves and one another.

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