Living in the wrong

Living in the wrong: how to support others when stretched, confused, at a loss, lost. Giving with open hands. Redistribution of whatever resources one has: time, contacts, knowledge, cash, a couch to crash on, emotional intelligence, beauty. Living, trying, fucking up; hoping that one’s inevitable failures will be met with some generosity. Committing oneself to what is not yet understood, certain or secured — at the risk of stumbling, at the risk of breakage, at the risk of finding something new.

Living in the wrong. Lying on the couch in the wrong. Throwing up in the wrong. Fiercely taking notes in the wrong. Sending emails in the wrong. Wearing beautiful sunglasses at every opportunity the wrong offers. Trying to find pleasures, jokes; opening each moment to the possibility of grinning; to the possibility of possibility; abandoning all well-crafted plans for the desires and delights of each companion.

Living in the wrong: to risk recklessness, to strive for whatever ethics can be found in irresponsibility; in the face of an awful looming silence, to try say the equally awful that might need to be said.

Revisions: given enough time, all of it.

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