A few things made very clear

Just submitted my first G4A. Nothing that hasn’t been said before, but a few things made very clear:
– a seemingly democratic system in which any citizen can apply for funds is hugely biased towards those without the need to work full-time, without caring responsibilities, etc.: who have the time and energy to undertake the unpaid labour to organise the required institutional support and to write such an extensive application
– that NPO institutions, whose raison d’être is to provide/support art, are dependant on this unpaid labour to continue to fill (and justify) their programmes. A question is how to avoid tantalising resentment towards employees of NPOs; how to build genuine solidarity between all kinds of workers across (and beyond) this industry.
– that stress, depression, anxiety etc. are intimately linked to material circumstance, and that major institutions adopting a veneer of sensitivity towards ’mental health issues’ while doing nothing to address these conditions of labour are (at best) crass, and (at worst) responsible for perpetuating these undemocratic and exploitative conditions.
Obvs fingers crossed for £££, but I’m saving my hope for genuine institutional reform.

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