Men From Behind

This August, Gareth Cutter and I organised Men From Behind, a workshop comissioned through the Live Art Development Agency’s DIY programme, and hosted by ]performance space[ in Folkestone.

Coming from our work together on Gareth’s solo CLOSE ENOUGH, we were looking at the idea of penetrability and performance; performances of penetration, and performances that penetrate, or are themselves penetrated. I was really interested in being a dramaturg at/for this workshop – what this might for my relationship to Gareth, to the participants, and to the research.

They were great sunny days full of talking, eating, writing, performing, swimming, and late night made-up-queer-rituals. Here are some photos I took:

In clockwise order: Gareth Cutter; Simon Holton and Nyne Derricott; Tallulah Haddon; Lise Boucon, Joseph Schofield, Ed Twaddle and Andrew Martin Lee.


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