Spirit Walk

Devised during a workshop with Gillie Kleiman at Dance4, 31.05.2017

For Hamish MacPherson

Two participants decide between themselves who is A and who is B.

A invites B to lie on the ground in a comfortable position. A lies close by and parallel to B, without touching them.

A informs B that that are going to take them on a ‘spirit walk’, that it will involve the following:
– that A’s spirit will guide B’s spirit on a journey
– that both A and B’s body and mind will remain, however, in this space for the duration of the journey.
– that they should not be worried that if during this journey they do not feel, hear, imagine or otherwise sense anything
– that these perceptions belonging to mind and body, which are not undertaking this journey.
– that they should feel free to make the mind and body comfortable while they wait for the spirit to return.

A lets B know that the spirit walk is about to begin.

After a period of time, A decides that the journey is coming to a close.

A lets B know that their spirits will shortly be returning to the mind and body; and to remember that they might not immediately sense anything in its return. However, over the next couple of days, some of the impressions and memories from the spirit walk might filter through to their bodies and minds, perhaps in the form of feelings, attentions and urges.

The exercise may not be immediately reciprocated from B to A.


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