Two reviews

Two shows I’ve worked on as a dramaturg have recently been reviewed.

Mariah Hardcastle wrote of Sam Pardes’ What Have I Got To Show For It?

Sam Pardes presents her unsettling autobiographical tap solo, What Have I Got to Show For It? Pardes natural wit and humour creates a paradox as she describes her constant battle with the dance industry. Her brutally honest confessions about her anxiety, panic disorder, and financial pressures are sprinkled with some showbiz razzle dazzle. The phrase ‘the show must go on’ comes to mind but with rather darker connotations.

Full review here:

And EL Putnam writes of Gareth Cutter’s Load:

Sometimes the allusion to force is more potent that the explicit expression of power.

Gareth Cutter starts his performance by standing slightly off to the side of the room with a slack posture. Once the audience takes their places, he moves to a open space and wires himself with a microphone. The device is sensitive — I can hear the subtle sounds of him wetting his lips with his tongue; tensing and releasing the muscles of his jaw. He puts on a pair of rubber gloves, then shifting his body to an assertive stillness. Muscles quiver from stasis. He carefully manipulates the rubber of his gloves, so there is subtle note of the erotic, complimented by his gestures that evoke a sexual tension; a sensuality of bondage that provides the underscore his actions. When he speaks, his voice is distorted. It is digitized and deepened. He is domineering yet lonely. Such connotations contrast his clean-cut hair and street clothes.

Full review here:


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