some things

with thanks to Jenny Moy

things beside other things
things by themselves
two things
many things
things that are far away

things behind other things
things hanging from things
things that cover
things that billow
things rolled up

things beneath things
things on top of things
things attached
things holding things together
things emerging from things
things emerging from the ground
things placed on the ground
things fixed to the ground
things that go through walls
things with holes in them
things covered
bare things

things in a row
things in the sky
things on their sides
things pointing in different directions
things pointing in the same direction

colourful things
broken things
things left unfinished

things written on things
things tied to things
things tying two things together
things that loop, droop, or sag

things around
things inside
things in a pile
things that are full
empty things
thing with the front taken off

things in a bundle
stacks of things
things grouped together
things coiled
things bound
things leaning on things
things suspended between things

things that trail
reflections of things
things that are no longer there
temporary things


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