Interview with Rebel Man Standard

A small interview I did with The Rebel Man Standard on choreography and politics:

Link here, text reproduced below.

What do you consider to be the relationship to politics in your work?

Every act of production, artistic or otherwise, is political. Art-making offers me chances to be self-reflexive and experiment when entering a space, working with others, accepting resources, making something, presenting something (or someone) for people to look at. Historically, it’s also carried out many hegemonic functions.

I struggle to remind myself that my work can’t do everything at once, but work with what’s at hand – including my limited understanding and energy. Having “the right” politics can be paralyzing – right now I’m trying to make stuff more fluidly after a period where I felt unhappy and unwilling to make anything.

What are your thoughts on the relationships between language and dance, within your work or otherwise?

I can’t dance without thinking words about it, and I can’t talk or write for much time without feeling the urge to move. I don’t think either of them can stand in for the other, but I do think they can agitate, frame, articulate, reach towards each other. My practice involves working with my body and others, negotiating resources, managing my health, navigating the world, etc. These things involve language and dance, alongside other stuff.

What are your prejudices?

They’re innumerable, and mostly invisible to me. Here’s one: that by observing my prejudice, I can step away from it – I notice though my racism and sexism is still operating.

I’m curious about the project of overcoming your prejudices – is it possible? Does it suggest some kind of free and enlightened state? Maybe it’s being able to perceive the patterns of your thought, your socio-cultural influences, as they take place. What motivates a reach for independence, freedom, autonomy, individuality? Can this be worked towards without positing an ‘authentic’ self buried beneath the prejudice?

Can you provide us with a guest question to ask the next person we interview

What are the borders of your work? How do borders function within your work?


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