Andy and Paul’s manifesto

– This practice is an ongoing conversation between Andy Edwards and Paul Hughes, around our individual artistic practices, and the wider conditions of contemporary artistic research and production.

– This practice is antagonistic. By this, we mean that we do not work from or towards shared and fixed opinion, position, values or goals. We work in different contexts and forms, yet hold some non-axiomatic principles:
* We support the production of knowledge.
* Within this, we value the role of critique and the critical agency of our practices.
* We support the role and development of dramaturgical practice.
* We believe in the value of discourse around and within artistic practice, and our need to contribute to it.

– These conversations orient our artistic development and our navigation of the contexts in which we operate.

– These conversations occur in different forms: including holiday, dramaturgy, conversation and advocacy. These forms imply different publics.

– These conversations do not currently have a direct and independent material output in terms of writing, publication, etc. They do not have expected outcomes or endpoints, nor do they have an identifiable beginning.

– This practice operates through friendship, consisting of agreement, companionship and antagonism. This suggests both proximity and a distance, a meeting but also a butting of heads.

– These conversations emerge as a counter-hegemonic dialogue in the face of perceived hegemonies within contemporary artistic practice.

– This practice satisfies the minor needs that arise within our individual artistic researches; those that are non-articulable or non-apparent, and therefore cannot be accounted for within a conception of our process (even by ourselves). This practice is about mopping up after our individual practices.


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